"They Said It Couldn't Be Done"

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At Renaissance Restoration we understand the importance of getting the right fabric for our customers’ furniture. Although we offer a selection of thousands of fabrics from a long list of reputable suppliers, there are times when using a fabric of your choosing from another source is needed. There is no better way to ensure that you'll get your furniture to match your style and décor perfectly.

Our Customer's Own Material (COM) program gives you the option of using textiles of your own choosing beyond those included in our selection.

Nevertheless, our COM program has some additional terms to consider:

● Renaissance Restoration does not offer any warranty, explicit or implied, for customer's own material.

● Material supplied by customer has to be approved by Renaissance Restoration prior to placing an order. We'll also tell you how many yards of fabric to buy for your furniture, taking into consideration the pattern and style of the fabric.

● In order to partly recoup our losses from not selling the fabric, we will apply a “Cutting Fee” in addition to the cost of our labor. This is similar to a “Corkage Fee”, when you bring your own wine to the restaurant. Cutting Fee is from $25 to $50 per yard, depending on the type and pattern of the fabric.

● Any extra handling that your fabric might need such as a backing, surging, or sizing, could be subject to an extra charge and will be discussed prior to placing an order.

We will take the utmost care to provide you with the best possible results with the fabric that you supply.