"They Said It Couldn't Be Done"

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For almost 20 years Renaissance Furniture Restoration Company successfully collaborates with furniture making factory in Java, Indonesia. Per your request we can order reproduction of any Victorian chair, table, dresser and many more from our catalog. One of our biggest hits is the President’s Resolute Desk replica.

Our strengths are:

- Availability of Honduras mahogany wood of first quality - this is grown on plantations established in Java by the Dutch colonial administration that were there from 1650 until 1945. This resource is hugely important to the Indonesian people, and is overseen by a Government Ministry. No other wood is recommended: beech would have to be imported, and does not allow the degree of carving detail. Consequently, besides being the best wood, mahogany is also the cheapest.

- Availability of craftsmen who have a wood-carving tradition going back generations. This makes it a natural for chair production.

- Finishing capability: traditional wood finishes in nitro-cellulose lacquer - any color and degree of gloss. Also we can provide painted finishes, with antique glazing if required. Gilding metal or silver leaf is also available.

- Upholstery of the seats is available for a very low price in muslin or one of our available fabrics. Coil spring seat bases are available.

We also have the ability to produce chairs to customer's designs. Please note, there is a minimum quantity of 20 chairs for the original pattern to set this in motion. In all cases, it is most efficient to send a sample chair for our craftsmen to reproduce. Then there are no surprises in terms of proportions, carving, etc. When the factory has the pattern, there is no minimum.

Since the chairs are made by hand, the prices are going to be the same regardless of the quantity. However, the quantity will affect the freight costs. One chair may be included in one of the containers, or it can be air-freighted if time is of the essence. Airfreight charges are calculated on volume: one chair would have an equivalent dimensional weight of about 500 lbs, so this should be born in mind.

Due to the limited production ability, ordering of the furniture is a subject to availability.