"They Said It Couldn't Be Done"

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Renaissance Furniture Restoration offers you a more relaxed way to get an idea of how much it would cost you to refinish your treasured table or reupholster your favorite chair, ottoman or any other small piece. We make it easy to get an idea of cost without the irritation of scheduling an appointment with the estimator or, even worse, bringing your furniture to our shop.

Just e-mail us a few pictures of your furniture with a description of what you want to have done, and we will send you our opinion of how much we would charge. Of course, any price quotes in our reply are approximate and cannot be used as a final estimate or for insurance claims. Final estimation of a job can be done only after personal inspection of the work by our representative. Still, you can have a very good hassle-free estimate before making your next move.*

Renaissance Furniture Restoration also provides estimates for the insurance cases, when your furniture is damaged during the move, flood, fire and other disasters. We charge a nominal fee for the preparation of insurance estimates. This fee will be proportionally credited toward the price of the work required. Call us at (415) 587-3416 for further details.

Please, note that most structural repairs can not be estimated without actually being in restorer's hands.

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