"They Said It Couldn't Be Done"

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The main difference between Renaissance Restoration and other companies lies in the techniques of refinishing and the quality of materials used.

Most companies use liquid paint removers or even the method known as “dipping”, when furniture is placed into the tank with stripping solution. These are not good treatments for any furniture, and in particular for old furniture. Liquid materials penetrate the furniture joints and sooner or later dissolve the glue in them. As the result, the joints give out and the furniture becomes unstable. We strip our furniture by hand, using only semi-paste finish removers and gentle steel wool. This takes much more time and material, but is crucial to the result.

To remove any residue of the stripping material we use a special wood wash, which also works as a wood conditioner. Most other refinishers use water for this purpose.

Our preferred finishing material is a nitrocellulose and water-based lacquers, which has been in wide use for many years. But, unlike many other refinishers, we use different lacquers for different needs.

First, when furniture is stained, we apply two or three coats of sanding sealer, which (after sanding and polishing) creates a smooth surface. Next, if it is required, we apply a thin coat of toning, which is a combination of pigments. Then, at least two coats of strong DuraCoat Pre-Catalyzed lacquer are applied to create a smooth and natural looking surface. Finally, waxing and hand buffing is our custom way to finish the process.

You can see a few samples of our work in Our Gallery.