"They Said It Couldn't Be Done"

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Upholstery has been used for centuries to create comfortable and handsome looking furniture. Its technology has not changed fundamentally, but two aspects of it separate average upholsterers from masters of the art.

The most important is careful craftsmanship. There are many ways to upholster furniture. Usually the most profitable way involves the use of short cuts. But there is another way, which often is less profitable, because it requires much more time and personal attention to every small detail. This is the master's way.

For Renaissance Restoration there is no other way than that of the master. One of our customers said: "You do not take short cuts with time or with materials, and this is seldom the case anywhere these days."

The other essential aspect of upholstery is materials. We use only the highest quality materials. For example, the foam we use has fifteen years warranty, whereas most upholsterers use foam with only five years warranty. Our foam necessarily costs more, but our goal is long term customers’ satisfaction.

Our fabrics and leather collection consists of tons of books with thousands of samples. Our suppliers are Robert Allen, Greenhouse FabricsJB MartinCharlotte FabricsPindlerUnited Fabrics, and others. Some fabrics are available at a discounted price. We also offer a Customer’s Own Material (COM) program.

A proverb says: "Better to See Something Once Than Hear About it Hundred Times". We invite you to come to Renaissance Restoration to see it for yourself.

You can see a few samples of our work in Our Gallery.